Hi! Welcome to our ATHLETIC drop, a fierce collection of women's pieces to motivate and give fresh courage. Right from the design stage this one has been alive with confidence and I can really feel its heartbeat every step of the way, a deeper kind of energy than before. 

The concept is all about sporty, fun, confident threads that make you feel athletic and powerful. I was so excited to work with Barbie as our model because she really embodies this life as a coach, as an athlete, as a mother and as a friend. From the first model fitting seeing her absolutely love the tights and bras was the best feeling as I’ve wanted to shoot with her FOREVER. It was amazing having it all come to life!

I honestly just love creating fashion in this active lifestyle space. Being surrounded by incredible women and men who are creative, passionate, resilient and always willing to help me learn and grow is a very inspiring place to be. Thank you to everyone who is involved with the brand on a close level, your ideas and suggestions are so important and it feels like we are doing this together. 

It’s not about just expecting that you deserve amazing things, it’s about working so hard that you earn them totally and indisputably. Getting around the right people is where the real magic happens, having friends who challenge you to be better, coaches who push you to new levels, lovers who reach your soul. You don’t have to live a mediocre life, you can do more and have more and I really hope that our brand message can help to encourage this always. 

I keep looking at the photos and in my mind I repeat these words ‘I can do better, I can be better, I can have a positive impact, I am hard working, there is nothing I can’t achieve’. I’m at a point in my life where I want to grow as a person and I have this massive intention for the label to succeed and become the most incredible culture. 

Enjoy the Lookbook, I hope you feel inspired by it :)

Josh Porter

model bio

barbie heng


| $99.99 | Navy with white trims


| $89.99 | Blood Orange


| $59.99 | White with Navy trims


| $64.99 | Blood Orange


| $64.99 | Navy


All pieces are made with our new Brushed Luxe fabric which is soft, comfortable and amazing to wear.

The tights are fast drying, non see through and stay in place during training. They sit high waisted, with folded seamless bands and we've tweaked the fit to get them even better. Our team and the models who've tried them so far absolutely love them!

The sports bras are really supportive, and so flattering! Both styles are new designs for us and have improved elastic bands for greater comfort. 

Tights available in sizes XXS - L

XXS = 6  XS = 8  S = 10  M = 12  L = 14

Sports Bras available in sizes XS - L

 XS = 6-8  S = 10  M = 12  L = 14


Thursday 6th Feb 2020 - 6pm (WST) Perth Time

If you are not in WA please google 'Perth time' to see the time difference

PRE ORDER - There is no quantity limit, it's a time limit! The stock will be open for 24 hours until 6pm WST Friday 7th and then we cut it off. This means that if you miss this window, you miss your chance.  

HURRY! EARLY ORDER REWARD - The first 25 orders placed on this launch get double Wolfpack Points sent to your email the next day. Learn more about Wolfpack Rewards here

DELIVERY TIME - It will take 5-6 weeks to build this collection after orders have been placed

Any questions before launch send us a DM on Instagram or an email enquiry. On launch night please feel free to use our Live Chat if you are unsure about anything at all and we'll help guide you through!

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Thanks for viewing the athletic lookbook!

See you at 6pm Perth time Feb 6th ;)

Disclaimer: Due to the corona virus outbreak, there may be a slight delay in the production of the Athletic collection. We have spoken to our manufacturers and they don't think there will be a delay as of yet! All customers will be updated with any changes!