I'll never forget where it all started. Seven years ago Renae and I launched JPorter Clothing from our tiny house here in Perth Australia. We had no money, no following, no idea of what was to come. Renae is no longer in the brand but her legacy and creative vision will live on forever. 

We wanted to create a brand that people could wear from the gym to the street, and feel bold about hunting their dreams. Every collection, every design, has a message. We stand for those who need that reminder to rise up and fight for what they believe in.

Honestly we want this brand to be the one that when you see somebody else wearing it you nod to them and feel connected because you both get it. That’s why we call anyone in the threads our Wolfpack because it’s a family of like-minded individuals striving for a better life.

It doesn’t happen overnight. It can be lonely; you really have to love it. Long hours, sacrifice, friends who walk away. But you go to sleep every night with a fire burning in your heart because you’re doing something you believe in.

Success isn’t about fame. It’s about passion. It’s about making a difference. Whatever it is you do, don’t make it about the money, make it about changing the world.

Fortune Favours The Bold!

Josh Porter